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Since 1985, the palace, which was built in 1772 by precentor Tejfalussy during the reconstruction of the Castle in the Baroque style, has housed the Church art museum of the archbishopric of Veszprém, the second richest collection of the Hungarian ecclesiastical treasuries, consisting of around 7,000 pieces. In addition to the Renaissance and Baroque goldsmith’s liturgical objects, wooden statues, drawings, and liturgical textiles, the collection of the museum also contains Bishop Albert Vetési’s 15th-century chasuble (which was made in Venice), coronation gifts, and some of the belongings of Cardinal Mindszenty from the period when he was the Bishop of Veszprém. The museum also has paintings from the workshop of the Florentine Andrea del Sarto and the Venetian Veronese, a rich collection of prints, a Viennese replica of the Hungarian coronation mantle made in 1867, works of Russian and Serbian icon art, and masterpieces from the China Manufacture in Herend. It also has a fine collection of East Asian, Ottoman Turkish, and Arabian works of art. The exhibition entitled “Stone Fragments in the Castle of Veszprém,” which is found in the Lapidary, presents the history of the diocese of Veszprém, the architectural history of the Veszprém castle and the surrounding area, and the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque Church architecture of the city.

Phot by Zoltán Pfitzner


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Temporary exhibition |exhibition, guided tour
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