Get into an electric car

This year those who would like to attend the Night of Museums programmes but want to remain environmentally conscious can choose from two different eco-vehicles: 

Electric Mini cars

Just like last year, visitors can use the electric small car service reaching small museums in the following three routes:


• Ady Memorial Museum
• Ráday Collection
• József Attila Memorial Place
Route on map


• György Ráth House
• Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asian Art
• Yunus Emre Institution
• House of Hungarian Photographers – House of Mai Manó
• Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives
• Stamp Museum
• Ferenc Liszt Memorial Museum / Hungarian University of Fine Arts
• Postal Museum
Route on map


• Museum Radio and Television Broadcasting History
• Police Museum
• Miksa Róth Memorial House and Collection
• Collection of Veterinary History
Route on map

Services run every 8-10 minutes between 6 and 12 pm and they stop right in front of the institutions. (For Liszt Ferenc Museum the electric car stop is at Andrássy út – Vörösmarty utca crossing and for Ferenc Hopp Asian Museum the car stop is opposite the museum, across Andrássy út.

The electric car service can only be used by those having a valid Night of Museums wristband.


If you prefer comfortable and air-conditioned cars, go for the 100% electric fleet of GreenGo and enjoy the advantages as follows:

  • 40% off from the driving fee from 22nd June, 00:00 to 23rd June, 04:00 for all GreenGo users redeeming the GGMUZEJ19 coupon code in the GreenGo application.

Not yet a registered GreenGo user? Please refer to the GreenGo website for more information on community cars and the way of registration.

Download the application and follow the steps of registration:

  1. Sign in to your account
    (The one off registration fee is 4.900 HUF, and is fully credited as top up.)
  2. Enter the coupon code above to the My Coupons menu of the GreenGo application
  3. If you are a GreenGo user, you can redeem the coupon code in the My Coupons menu of the GreenGo application