Spotlight on Szombathely – Queen of the West

This year, the featured location of the Night of Museums will be Szombathely that is one of the oldest towns of the country. On the 22nd of June, visitors can enjoy the programmes at eight locations in total. For the first time, the symphonic orchestra of the town will also open its doors to the public.

This year’s topic for the Night of Museums will be travel and digitalisation. One of the main attractions will be a brand new section of the permanent exhibition ‘Changing Cultures in the Changing Landscape’ at the Savaria Museum providing insight to the history of Savaria and the county of Vas in the Migration Period and the Middle Ages. The visitors can learn more about the digital model project of the Museum of Fine Arts. In the mobile laboratory, they can also view how digitalisation is performed in practice.

The Smidt Museum will present its exhibition ‘A piece of Szombathely showcasing the world of cafés and pastry-shops of the town in the decades after the Austro-Hungarian Compromise. Visitors can also taste famous cakes and pastries prepared on the basis of ancient recipes, decorated with edible flowers.

In Szombathely, everybody knows the Amber Road, the trade route crossing the ancient Savaria. The programme series of Iseum Savariense inviting to take a historical and mythological journey will also tell about ancient travellers and deities protecting them while on the way.

The name of the town Szombathely/Savaria was a brand name in the past. Visitors interested can discover the related exhibition in the Vas County Archives of the Hungarian National Archives. There will be a popular dungeon tour to discover and ‘try’ contemporary torture and execution instruments in the medieval cells and the workhouse.

MÁV and GySEV will open their locomotive repair hall and traffic management centre equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Another unique programme will be provided by the Savaria Symphonic Orchestra: on this special night anyone can be a conductor or a musician.

So, those visiting Szombathely on the 22nd June can participate in exciting programmes and adventures on the Night of the Museums.